Real Estate Marketing – How To Do Email Campaigns

by Tara Jacobsen on December 11, 2012

Real Estate Marketing - How To Do Email CampaignsReal estate marketing is made harder by the tradition of using “real estate databases” like TopProducer and WiseAgent. While these are FABULOUS databases for keeping track of your buyers and sellers, getting from listing to close, they are not great at email marketing or generating web forms and facilitating internet marketing practices.

How To Do Real Estate Email Campaigns

So how are “real” internet marketing email campaigns done? Here are the general steps (none of these are new or revolutionary, just sound marketing practices!)

  • Start with a GREAT free offer (over at Marketing Artfully my main site, we offer 100 Free Marketing Ideas – click the link to check out what a free offer looks like). You need to have something that other agents are not offering so no free CMA or a free home review. This is to get people into your database and has to be an AMAZING offer!
  • People fill out your form and are put on an auto-responder (or drip) series of emails. These can be a tiny bit about you but mostly have to be helpful and informative to buyers or sellers. You should have different campaigns for buyers or sellers!
  • Part of your campaigns should be phone calls (we do a followup call to make sure they got their info okay), direct mail pieces as well as emails.

Email Newsletters - InfusionSoft RecommendationThe most importan part of this process is to be VERY clear about what you are trying to accomplish! If you are a listing agent, get your sales funnel should be set up by offering free staging tips, info about pricing to sell, FSBO tips, etc. If you are a buyers agent, send out pieces about financing, getting a home inspection and mortgage info.

Extra credit! So that sounds like a lot of work to get your database setup AND do all that content development. Well how about pairing up with a mortgage guy or title company that has some of these pieces already developed? If you can do a group project, it can take A LOT of pressure off of you to have to develop all that content!



Turning Real Estate Marketing Ideas Into Action

by Tara Jacobsen on May 18, 2011

Turning real estate marketing ideas into action is a struggle for Realtors. This post is a bit of a rant about Realtor marketing (in the most loving way I can say it) and the lack of focus most Realtors have.

Consistency In Marketing

real estate marketing ideaFirst let’s talk about how marketing works and the kind of dedication and timelines that must be followed to assure success. Marketing comes in many forms, online, print, media, offline and direct mail. There are literally ONE MILLION different things you COULD do to market your real estate business.

Marketing DOES NOT happen overnight. I have seen too many agents jump around from magazines to radio to classifieds and on and on, without doing anything for long enough to see if it will work. Each type of marketing that you engage in dilutes all the marketing a bit, either by money or by time. If you are doing a little bit of everything, that will be less effective than doing a lot of something for long enough to get it going and THEN moving onto the next marketing channel.

So What Type of Real Estate Marketing Should You Do?

They types of real estate marketing ideas you should turn into action comes down to two things, your technical ability and the amount of time you (or your assistant) have to spend doing marketing.

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You know that we are fascinated with real estate marketing over here and I just could not resist reviewing my Top 4 National Real Estate Slogans!

Having a slogan (or tagline) can help position a company or brand in the marketplace. National real estate companies are famous for using this type of marketing in their branding and some have done so VERY effectively. I recommend that you check these out and then see if you can incorporate them in your own real estate business!

Below are the 4 national real estate slogans from some of the biggest and best in the business.

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Marketing Real Estate With Story Telling

by Tara Jacobsen on May 11, 2011

Marketing real estate with story telling has always been important (think Hobbs Herder in the day telling us that we needed to tell stories about ourselves for our marketing). Today’s story telling is even more important to your real estate marketing success!

Why Telling Stories Matters [click to continue…]

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A huge question I get from my marketing clients and new prospects is “Virtual Real Estate Business Cards Are They Necessary?” Whenever I hear these words, I KNOW that the agent has attended a seminar where someone is trying to sell them something. The truth about marketing your real estate business or your small business without a business card whether it’s virtual or paper is just plain silly.

What Are Virtual Real Estate Cards [click to continue…]


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